Limited Availability C65 Royal Marines Commandos

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Re: Limited Availability C65 Royal Marines Commandos

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My apologies for opening a can of worms here. I didn’t really mean to suggest that it should match up; I was simply interested to know why it doesn’t or can’t. Thanks for the responses. :thumbup:
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Re: Limited Availability C65 Royal Marines Commandos

Post by jimbo »

As a former "Royal" this would be a rare watch for a Bootie to own. Cheaper than the "Sandhurst" currently on sale on the CW site. But unfortunately for me outside of my budget now as i already have a Bremont RM special edition. (The wife would rip my balls off if I bought another..... if you think being a Royal Marine is tough..... You try being married to the wife of a bootneck!!)
For myself I couldn't wear a watch for "Para's" or any other crap hat seeing that a green beret is the only one I could wear hahaha. But, if it tickles your boat then great. It is a fine watch, cheaper than a "Sandhurst" and rare at only 50 made.
If no. 40, 45, 42 the current Commando units have gone, then getting an older Commando unit serial no. may well be worth more if bought to be an investment piece.
If being bought for a retired "Royal" try to get his service number stamped on the back to make it very personal. Could bring tears to his eyes more than hearing the pub is shutting or the beer has run out!
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Re: Limited Availability C65 Royal Marines Commandos

Post by albionphoto »

stuartl226 wrote: Wed Jun 15, 2022 12:35 pm If it is a screw on case back then the machining process would need to ensure that the start point on both the internal and external threads are cut in exactly the same place on every part. If this is achievable then there would be a known position for the engraving to be accurately machined using some form of fixturing. There are however machining tolerances which could give minor deviations in the alignment.

This info is based on my knowledge regarding manufacturing in the aerospace industry so please forgive me if I am speaking out of turn regarding watch manufacturing. :?
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Re: Limited Availability C65 Royal Marines Commandos

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^^^ If the case back is machined rather than pressed/stamped then it would be possible to fit the case back first (thus ensuring alignment) and machine it in situ. However this would be time consuming and thus add to the cost, result in a back that would likely only fit one watch case and probably not really matter much to the vast majority of purchasers.
Alternatively the way that Vostok fit their case backs ensures perfect alignment every time with a pretty basic technical solution. Just like a Kilner jar.
Just to come back on track - a fine looking watch but not being RM, I wouldn't wear it rather than the base design. I have at least been to Sandhurst, albeit only once, in the OR cookhouse!
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Re: Limited Availability C65 Royal Marines Commandos

Post by mvlow »

If you want to get the casebook perfectly vertical, Elliot Brown has it figured out and It still has 200m water resistance. Elliot Brown Holton RM Special edition. It looks way more professional than a crooked screw down casebook for a special edition IMHO.

Screen Shot 2022-06-18 at 9.50.43 AM.png
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