Just saw my Malvern Auto in a new light

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Just saw my Malvern Auto in a new light

Post by joerattz »

I have been wearing my MA since I received it, back in January I believe it was. I wear it M-F during my work hours. When I get home, I change into either a Seiko Kinetic or Citizen Eco-drive, depending on whether I am going to be out in sunlight or not. I wear the other two just to keep them charged, as well as to protect my CW. My MA has become what I guess most WIS would call their beater. I personally don't care for that term because I like mine too much to ever beat on it. :D

However, of course after 6+ months, the luster of a new watch has worn off a bit. But, I was going through a restaurant drive-thru the other day, when I caught a glimpse of my watch in my side-view mirror. It was strking to see it from that angle. For several seconds, I rotated my wrist as I watched the dial catch the light of the sun. It was a glorious sight, once again.
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Post by Warhol »

I don't wear my MA every day, I probably wear it only once a week, but every time I look at it on my wrist I love it.
It's just a very nice watch, that is also worth every penny I paid for it!
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