Interview with Mike France - Sealander Collection

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Interview with Mike France - Sealander Collection

Post by mvlow »

A Youtube interview with Mike France about the new Sealander collection amongst other things.

Screen Shot 2021-04-29 at 7.19.52 AM.png

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Re: Interview with Mike France - Sealander Collection

Post by magicman »

Thanks for posting, very interesting.
Seems a strong possibility that a SH21 will follow and if MF has his way a no date version, not sure that's so likely, but I'd be a fan.

Regards Steve
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Re: Interview with Mike France - Sealander Collection

Post by Dallben »

It's always interesting to hear someone from a watch brand talk about what their favorite watch is from their line - in this case he mentions the C65 Chrono, and what is really selling.
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Re: Interview with Mike France - Sealander Collection

Post by albionphoto »

Thanks for the link Malcolm.

For those who like to read here are a couple of launch reviews ... pher-ward/ ... nder-line/
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Re: Interview with Mike France - Sealander Collection

Post by rkovars »

Just listened to the Watch Gecko interview. Some good take aways:

1. He kept referring to the Sealander as a platform. I think that is how they are looking at it. A base to expand up and out from. I would expect more to come from Sealander.
2. He acknowledged the spinning rotor issue with Sellitas. He said that he thinks Sellita has made changes to effectively eradicate the problem. Time will tell I guess.
3. The current crop of branding placements have all been in the design bench guide since the change in 2015. 9 o'clock left justified, 12 o'clock center and Twin Flags only will all be used where appropriate. He did say that he felt it was still a little early for Twin Flags only.
4. There are more SH21s coming.
5. Hinted that there are more aviation watches coming.
6. The new system for showing taxes and duty due at purchase time should be live in the next couple of months.
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Re: Interview with Mike France - Sealander Collection

Post by nbg »

Agree that there is some interesting stuff in the WatchGecko interview. ... pher-ward/
About 80 minutes, for anyone who has time, worth a listen.

As well as the new models Mike also talks in some detail about the industry.

Other watch forums of interest:
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Re: Interview with Mike France - Sealander Collection

Post by stefs »

To be honest I didn’t really know much about Mike until recently. I have met Chris and exchanged emails on a number of occasions in the past and was unsure about how things would pan out after his departure.
I have to say though that mr France comes across as a really decent bloke with a fair chunk of passion and pride about moving cw forward and offering innovation and value.

I had gone cold on cw a while back but I have been impressed by what I have heard and by stuff like the in house movement, the c60 sapphire, a proper super compressor and now this new range among other things.
They certainly still do have the odd niggle, no doubt about that but listing to these interviews can make you quite positive about cw.
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Re: Interview with Mike France - Sealander Collection

Post by 0uatiOW »

I enjoyed listening to the Watchgecko podcast & watching the interview. Mike seems to have improved his public-facing persona in the last 12 months.

Some interesting content, some of which resonates with my personal views. The best news for me is that the twin flags may, but not yet, become the single brand identifier in the dial (Mike refers to Swoosh-only with a reference to Nike).

Other notable items are that the C60 Sapphire is the best selling single watch in the range, bracelet half-links are coming, and that CW sales increased 30% in the last financial year, compared to an industry retraction of the same percentage. They must be doing something right.

Well worth a listen / viewing.
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