Help with identifying this model please?

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Help with identifying this model please?

Post by JeremiahX »

Hello & Thanks for allowing me to join.

I recently acquired this Christopher Ward watch as part of an online Joblot Purchase.

I'm hoping for help in identifying the model & if possible year of production?
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Re: Help with identifying this model please?

Post by stefs »

Thats a malvern c3 chronograph. Probably around 2010 ish
Cheers now, Paul
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Re: Help with identifying this model please?

Post by Bahnstormer_vRS »

^^^^ As Paul (@stefs) says, its a C3 Malvern Chronograph MkI, more details of which may be found in the CWArchive, where you'll see it was produced between Jun 2005 and Jun 2012.

However, with it stating 'Swiss Made' on the dial suggests that it was made after 1st August 2008 - found in Fun Fact, CWArchive

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