Discover #tide straps email-shot 22mm

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Re: Discover #tide straps email-shot 22mm

Post by FloridaPhil »

I sent an email to CW customer services on Tuesday
On the website, the Tide straps are showing as 20mm but are claimed to fit any 22mm lug width, which although technically true, is probably not what you meant!


No response from them and the website is still wrong.
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Re: Discover #tide straps email-shot 22mm

Post by rkovars »

Those bronze listings are buggered for sure. One should be 20 and one should be 22. Seems like there is some back end CMS issues.
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Re: Discover #tide straps email-shot 22mm

Post by Dayglow_01 »

I got my C63 GMT on the Tide strap in June. I liked the idea of how the strap was made but to be honest I haven't found it that comfortable to wear. I wish I'd either got the leather or waited for the bracelet now

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