CW watches getting smaller and smaller

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Re: CW watches getting smaller and smaller

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thomcat00 wrote: Sun Oct 22, 2023 12:10 am
tikkathree wrote: Fri Oct 20, 2023 8:33 pm So, "one size fits all" might be true but isn't the same as one size suits all. I like to have choice and variety to pick from.
On any given day I might reach for a 37 or a 44mm watch, or something between those sizes, or another that’s beyond those sizes. Choice is good. I don’t want my preferences to be dictated to me.
I completely agree with @thomcat00. In fact the more enjoyment I take from watches the more I want to experiment with sizing. It can be really satisfying experimenting with how different sizes wear, and the feedback from the watch is very different creating a different user experience. So, I've decided to be watch size 'fluid' and I'm happy with that. The most important thing is not to be influenced by external drivers; you could end up buying a watch that is someone else's choice.

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Re: CW watches getting smaller and smaller

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My watches over 43mm have been unworn for a couple years. My Tissot Seastar and PRS516 at 43 and 42mm, respectively are the largest watches I have worn recently. I haven't worn either since mid-summer. My Marloe Haskell (40mm) and C65 Trident GMT (41mm) have been worn the most over the last couple months. I find their size to be more balanced in appearance and more comfortable than my larger watches. However, I'm not quite ready to make the jump down to 36mm.
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