CW Service a nice surprise

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CW Service a nice surprise

Post by maxkeith »

I own four CW watches and have become a big fan but I never had an experience with CW customer service.

I bought a Twelve TI early in the year on a bracelet and a rubber strap. I enjoyed the bracelet so I did not try the strap for a while. While I could get the bracelet on and off easily I had trouble with the rubber strap, I could only get one side of each strap to engage.

So I contacted CW after explaining the problem they asked me to send the watch and strap to them so they could check everything. The turn around time was better than expected and the watch came back with a new rubber strap and it was installed on the watch. Later I took the strap off and but the bracelet back on.

They next time I try to switch back to the rubber strap I could not get it installed. So I contacted CW again and we discussed the issue, since it came with the rubber strap installed I new it was not the product but me. After more failed attempts CW suggested I send them a video of my trying to install the rubber strap. Once the saw the video they said I was likely not pulling the pins back far enough and suggested using strap tool. Viola, that solved my problem.

I am not sure if I can reveal the names of the staff who helped. Not only were they helpful but kept checking back to see if my issue was solved. I owned a couple big name watches and I have never had service this good from them despite the insane prices I paid for their watches.
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Re: CW Service a nice surprise

Post by Rezn8r »

I’ve had two interactions; one lame, one excellent 🤷🏼‍♂️
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