CW - Please Stop Using DHL as Your Delivery Service!

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CW - Please Stop Using DHL as Your Delivery Service!

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I posted the following review on Trust Pilot's website. DHL delivered my CW about three days after I posted. Without further ado.

This all occurred between January 18th and January 20th. Let us count the lies told to me by DHL. In emails from the 18th and 19th the driver(s) reported that they couldn't deliver my package. Had actually been to my residence and rung my door bell, my package would have been delivered. But sadly, since I was home both days, all day and night, I know they hadn't been to my residence.

Moving on to on-line customer service. On the 18th during an on-line chat a customer service representative, she said that someone from the "Management Team" would call me within 90 minutes. Nobody from the Management Team called. Somebody from my local office called but they were less than useless.

But wait there's more. On the 19th I came across a statement on DHL's website that said they delivered until 9:00 p.m. When, for the second day in a row my package wasn't delivered, and after locating their phone number, 1-800-CALL DHL, prior to 9:00 p.m. I called DHL up. This time I did get a call back from a member of the Management Team.

She told me that the drivers' shifts ended at 6:30 p.m. After pointing out that web site stated that deliveries continued to 9:00 p.m., the Management Team member said that only applied to some DHL offices.

We went round and round for awhile before I just got completely disgusted, tired of being lied to combined with the less than useless DHL employees. After cancelling my delivery, I asked to file complaints against the driver or drivers who failed to deliver my package and lied about it, the driver or drivers supervisor, for failing to supervise their employees and the on-line customer service representative who lied about me being contacted from a member of the Management Team.

Who knows if my complaints will go anywhere but I sure unloaded a ton of aggravation after having to deal with the incompetence and dishonesty of this so-called delivery company.
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