Currency transfer

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Currency transfer

Post by Matin »

I tried contacting them on the CW website, but I always recieved errors when I went to submit my question (maybe im dumb?). I am going to buy a watch and im from Norway, but I wonder how much or if it costs to transfer my currency NOK to Euro in the purchase (other than the currency rate).

Thank you in advance.
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Re: Currency transfer

Post by audio.bill »

I'm located in the US so have no experience dealing with NOK currency, but I've made purchases in USD or GBP depending on which has most favorable pricing at the time. The only fees I've encountered are currency conversion fees either from PayPal (which are displayed during the checkout process) or from the specific CC being used. Some CC have no fees for international currency conversion so you're best using those if you have one, need to check with the specific bank to inquire about any such fees.
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Re: Currency transfer

Post by jkbarnes »

I just checked the CW website, and it looks like there’s no option to pay in NOK. My suggestion is to look at the current exchange rates of the various currency options to see what the best price would be for you. Also consider that the price in GBP includes a 20% VAT that was factored out in my case. I don’t know what your tax liability might be ordering from Norway.

When I ordered my C63, it was significantly cheaper for me to pay in GPB rather than USD because of the exchange rates.

The other thing to look into is the fees your CC company would charge for currency exchange/foreign transaction fee. In my particular case, that was 0, making it a no brainer to order in GBP versus USD.

Good luck working the math to figure out the best deal!

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Re: Currency transfer

Post by thomcat00 »

CW accepts PayPal and that service processes currency conversion as well.
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Re: Currency transfer

Post by ruta7 »

Just buy in GBP, your bank exchanges currency, not CW.
P.s. i saved 100eur paying in GBP. And remember to register and subscribe their news, u will get 10% off coupon.