Can I wear my watch while Golfing ?

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Re: Can I wear my watch while Golfing ?

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I thought I’d resurrect this thread to document my experience yesterday.

I wore my titanium RZE Endeavor out to the range yesterday. This is the first time I’ve golfed with it this season, but I did golf with it a couple times last year, in addition to golfing with my C60 once.

The watch completely STOPPED, must have been after my first few swings, because I looked down after about 15 minutes of swings and it was behind by 15 minutes and stopped.

I had wound it manually about 40 times that morning to get it started and set it, so it wasn’t a power reserve issue. Also, when I noticed it stopped, I wound it and shook it a bit and it didn’t start.

It took a decent rap with my knuckle to start it! I then reset it, and now 24 hours later it has only lost 3 seconds…

I’m hoping it’s nothing! Honestly, I’m still going to wear it golfing in the future. But I’ll probably keep my more expensive watches at home while golfing from now on.
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