C65 Aquitaine - Graphite (concept)

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Re: C65 Aquitaine - Graphite (concept)

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Amor Vincit Omnia wrote: Tue Feb 20, 2024 9:46 pm ^^^ The difficulty I have, though, is this.

If you take xxxx (insert watch of choice) and proceed to design the salient features out of it, at what point does it cease to be xxxx and turn into a completely different beast? :-k
I agree. I for one like the blobs, gives me a feeling of wearing a hybrid between two of my favourite divers - the Fifty fathoms and BB58. I think they should absolutely stick to the batons in the modern looking Sealander range but keep the vintage inspired/more dressy looking shapes in the Aquitaine range for those of us who prefer that.
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Re: C65 Aquitaine - Graphite (concept)

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^^^ @petardimov A good point well made. If you’re going to have two watches of similar sizes with the same function, then you probably want them to look as different as possible.
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Re: C65 Aquitaine - Graphite (concept)

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I would love this. I actually asked CW several months ago about new aquataine colors and possibility of versions without faux lume and they said they weren't planning on it.
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