C63 v C65

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Re: C63 v C65

Post by mikeua85 »

My advice is to choose pro 300 trident

I will explain why. The person is young. Sealander, he will understand when he grows up, when he already has experience with watches with many functions and will understand (or on the contrary, make sure that this is not his choice) that sometimes brevity is a blessing

Dune is too conservative a design. It's more for the older generation... though the new logo is... :)

Pro 300 - as far as I understood, the guy doesn't have any decent watches. If he is even a fan of the Apple Watch - no matter how cool the driver in the collection will not hurt

I'm all for the bright PR0 300

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Re: C63 v C65

Post by Moro »

Take Sandhurst series 2 - a combination of vintage and new look... It's ellegant too. Very nice piece.
C65 Dartmouth & Sandhurst series 1

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Re: C63 v C65

Post by dbailey »

More a C60 fan to be honest.
I’ve had 4 C60’s compared to 1 each C65 & C63.
Now only have 2 C60’s but want to make a trio of them with a prototype when I can get hold of one.