C60 Mk1

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C60 Mk1

Post by grahamH »

Hi,my grandson is trying to talk me into parting with my C60 Mk1. I must admit I haven't worn it much lately. It is the C60-SKCK,serial number 2088.It came to me on the leather strap,bezel looks more grey than black. Are you allowed to give me a rough price for insurance, currently it is listed on my own policy as part of a small collection.
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Re: C60 Mk1

Post by Bahnstormer_vRS »

Hi Graham,

We don't, as a rule, discuss values of CW watches or provide 'valuations' on the Forum.

However if you look at the Resale and Pricing Information for your watch within the CWArchive I'm sure you ought to be able to make a suitable assessment.

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Re: C60 Mk1

Post by welshlad »

Hi Graham,

Further to Guy's post, here's the link to the Resale & Pricing Information specifically for C60 Trident Automatic Mk1s (all variants):

https://cwarchive.knack.com/cwarchive#w ... e74fb95d6/

And here's the link to the information page for your specific variant (C60-SKCK), for info:

https://cwarchive.knack.com/cwarchive#w ... 9b80b613a/

Hope that helps.
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Re: C60 Mk1

Post by tikkathree »


Another option is to search EBay for achieved results. Be sure to select Global (rather than a default geographic restriction) and select SOLD/COMPLETED listings.

What would I take care to keep an eye on in the search results? COSC Chronometers might go for a higher price than non chronometer and quartz versions might go for a little less.

An orange bezel variant of your watch model has just gone through at quite a strong price.
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