C1 Moonphase: "My God, it's full of stars"

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Re: C1 Moonphase:

Post by tikkathree »

JasH wrote: Mon Oct 30, 2023 6:21 pm
MistaFroggyG wrote: Sun Oct 29, 2023 11:03 pm The posts look amazing, the purple really makes me interested for the first time.

How is this the first time someone’s captured it looking like this?
Thanks, I did post a more detailed explanation on FB but some mod seems to have deleted it so I can't copy and paste it here. In brief, my iPhone photos look rather bland and do the dial no justice, so I took RAW photos using my dSLR and a good macro lens in direct sunlight indoors. Then I processed those into JPEG. Hence the images have a higher dynamic range than you would see naked eye. They show what the dial looks like under a good quality loupe under bright lighting.

The last image is simply a 100% pixel crop of the image above it, to the details. You would only see level of detail this using a loupe.

The video I linked is using my iPhone. How the dial appears to the naked eye under my LED ceiling spotlights is in between the video and these photos, in terms of "starryness" and impact, and the dial background looks blue but the copper oxide flakes sparkle so much that it appears blue-purple overall. The dial can even look completely black in very low light.
Photographically I'd agree with that as a process. I find that with the naked eye I get many more "dancing dots of light" than the phone cam captures / presents. Also I find that the phone cam wants to show a lot of reflection off the crystal when you're trying to show off the dancing dots/stars so the end result is a dial with fewer sparkles than reality where the whole dial is alive! I don't have a true macro lens but I'll have a go with extension tubes tomorrow.
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