Advert in today's Sport magazine...

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Advert in today's Sport magazine...

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Anyone else notice the large advert today for the C8 Pilot in today's free Sport magazine? (Not sure how widely distributed this magazine is - but we get it handed out at the station in London every Friday).

In this week's edition it had a three page spread titled "watch this space" loads of different watches 20+ in numerous price ranges, but no CW's? Page following the spread was the smart looking one page advert for CW's C8 Pilot. Confused as to why the magazine didn't feature a CW watch in its spread but then CW has a full page ad after. Was disappointed not to see a CW watch in the line up, would have thought that as CW have paid for a full page advert a CW watch would have been in the line up of the three page feature?

Anyway as you can probably tell, it’s a quiet afternoon at work :yawn: too much time to kill...
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Re: Advert in today's Sport magazine...

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Welcome bomberlow

I commute and I've never seen "Sport"... but if it has watch features then I need to move.
Metro, The Standard and CityAM are not much into watches.
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