About sales on CW, first purchase

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Re: About sales on CW, first purchase

Post by stigea »

Many thanks for your inputs.
Macdaz, Jafo and Bahnstormer, you convinced me to purchase it, eventually. I did not realize that there was a chance the model could be sold out after it was made available, so i preferred to secure it.
Edit: that "sold out" problem could apply for Nearly New

I used the Loupe discount which is fair.

Very excited to receive it!
@Steve: I will visit and post in the New member section after i receive it :-)
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Re: About sales on CW, first purchase

Post by golfjunky »

I think you may have misread regarding limited supply, I highly doubt the white dial C63 will be discontinued anytime soon.
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Re: About sales on CW, first purchase

Post by GoesTo11 »

Hi all. like the original poster, I am a newbie to this forum and to Christopher Ward. I am learning as fast as I can, sort of like drinking from a firehose.

1. How does CW announce its summer sale? How can I learn when it is scheduled to start?

2. When CW manufactures a new batch of a particular model, do they make small changes to address customer feedback? I have my eye on a particular CW model that is currently out of stock. The website says it will be available again in July, which is about the time the summer sale might happen. If CW makes a small change to the new batch, then I would prefer to pay the regular price for the new-and-improved version vs. a NN from the sale (if there even is one -- I gather that it's luck of the draw).

Thank you for considering my questions.
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Re: About sales on CW, first purchase

Post by audio.bill »

Welcome to the forum @GoesTo11. (Great username!) The summer sale usually starts the first week of July and is announced via email as well as on this forum and their Facebook groups. The answer to your second question is sometimes... They don't often make small changes in each production run but when they have a few improvements they consider worthwhile they sometimes incorporate them into an improved or Mk2 version. The changes would then be detailed in the corresponding product pages. Good luck and I hope you're able to acquire the model you have your eye on!

- Bill
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Re: About sales on CW, first purchase

Post by Nickp1234 »

I've been very lucky with sale watches from CW. All have been in very good condition and if I didn't know they were nearly new I wouldn't have guessed so. I've bought two watches at full retail (minus the £100 discount!!) but have managed to buy many more in the sales. There are so many CW watches I like I just see what's in the sale and choose one or not if one takes my fancy!!! This has lead to some great deals but probably way to many watches ;).