'Abandoned Cart Alert' - FFS !!

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'Abandoned Cart Alert' - FFS !!

Post by ChrisMc »

Ok, so as we all perhaps do when browsing all of the lovely watches on the site, I dropped 3 choices of mine into the 'Basket', just in case I had a rush of blood and decided to splash out in one go.
Alas, some sense of sanity prevailed, and I went off to bed without imparting my CC details just yet.
Well done me - at least as far as 'Me' is concerned, for now !

However, it appears that Chris Ward Customer Services is determined to try and sway my decision, and they helpfully send me an 'Abandoned Cart Alert' within an hour or 2, which hit my Inbox, and my Blackberry, as soon as I awake next morning.
Very useful I think, how good is that. :clap:
When the next 3/4 'Alert's arrive, I'm less impressed, and its now a little annoying. :thumbdown: :curse:
No worries I think, I'll drop them an email asking them to stop.

I log on again a few days later. perhaps even next day, and dont notice that my 'Basket' still contains the 3 choices, which results in me receiving another 3.....4.......5 , I lost count, of emails of my Abandoned Cart Alert' again !! :grumble:

I drop them another email, all still polite.

The next time I log on and view the watches, I make a point of deleting the 3 offenders in my still live 'Basket',......now that will sort things out I think........stupid me.

So why the **** is my Inbox still receiving 'Abandoned Cart Alerts' even now ????

Cmon CWW, I've heard so many good things about the Company, and am loving the watches, but this is starting to p*** me off now.

*shakes head*
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Re: 'Abandoned Cart Alert' - FFS !!

Post by Helix Von Smelix »

It was the cart you abandoned, not the watches :D :D :thumbup:
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Re: 'Abandoned Cart Alert' - FFS !!

Post by xtriple »

It's a fine for being indecisive :D

Happened to me as well. I was going to order a C60 GMT (I like the colours :oops: ) and then a rush of blood to the head drained to my wallet and I wondered away.

Dozens of "Abandoned cart alerts". They did eventually stop. Promise.
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Re: 'Abandoned Cart Alert' - FFS !!

Post by Aifo »

That's why I don't log on (or auto sign in) the CW site, the abandoned cart alert can be annoying, agree.
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Re: 'Abandoned Cart Alert' - FFS !!

Post by Russ-Shettle »

Aifo wrote:That's why I don't log on (or auto sign in) the CW site, the abandoned cart alert can be annoying, agree.
Extreamly annoying and that's why I hit the purchase button before that could happen. It cost me $1,200 to get rid of that annoying message from hitting my mail. Costly? yes, but well worth it. :thumbup:
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Re: 'Abandoned Cart Alert' - FFS !!

Post by CeeBee »

You have to look at this from the point of view of the elves slaving away for 'Father Chris' in the mighty CW warehouse. You think you've just dropped a watch in your online cart, but the elves have to fetch one of the supermarket-trolleys and lug it round the aisles; the fork-lift* fetches the watch from the highest shelves, and it's dropped into the cart. This goes on for a while, several watches in the cart - will they ever get to take them to the checkout, so Father Chris can load them on his sleigh? Then you go and abandon the b****y thing. Before you know where you are, there's carts everywhere, nobody can get to the checkout, it's "All red staff and managers please come to the checkouts*" on the tannoy... So I don't blame them for a few emails... (well I do, actually).

* fork-lift - never understood why they need a big thing like that to lift forks (Michael Flanders - well that's who I heard it from).

* "all red staff and managers..." - frequently heard in a certain large supermarket near me