A smaller C63 Auto?

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Re: A smaller C63 Auto?

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One thing that I can now mention was quite interesting. As you may know, the Admin Team had a meeting with Mike, Adrian and Jörg back in December, when we got our first look at the Sealander range. Mike said at the time that they were seeing a sharp decline in demand for dress watches, and that the pandemic has contributed significantly to what he called the deformalisation of the world. Adrian also mentioned that they were looking to find a more modern look for the dress watch concept.

I think the C63 Auto on either the bracelet or an appropriate strap would do a pretty good job.
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Re: A smaller C63 Auto?

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Interesting comment AVO. I can certainly see casual watches like the C63 Auto and GMT / AT / OP becoming the de facto "dress" watch for many people. It's dressy enough for anything short of a tuxedo, but looks great with jeans and a t-shirt. Casual watches such as these are pretty much the perfect "one watch" for most people, present company excluded.
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