A new survey from CW. This time about the SH21

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Re: A new survey from CW. This time about the SH21

Post by ajax87 »

One of the first questions of the survey is whether you’ve owned one or not. Many of the questions are regarding what you would like to see.

I’ve never owned an SH21, but it didn’t even occur to me not to do the survey. I don’t get that logic. It’s clearly seeking input into the next gen of SH21 projects from everyone, and I’ll bet CW especially wants to hear what would make people buy who haven’t bought before…
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Re: A new survey from CW. This time about the SH21

Post by rkovars »

JAFO wrote: Wed Sep 15, 2021 1:55 pm I didn't return the survey. I don't have a watch with this movement.

In any event, I just want a movement to be reliable, accurate, and serviceable. Having an attractively designed movement that can be seen is a great bonus. In fact if it can't be seen it's hard to see the point.

If you can't guarantee the first 3 though, you are probably better with a mass produced movement that does satisfy these requirements, so that if it came to it you could just replace the movement with a brand new one, without having to worry about difficulties refitting hands and cases and crowns and so on, and obtaining spare parts in general.
My survey expressed pretty much the same comments above. I think they would like to hear that opinion.
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In Review:

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Re: A new survey from CW. This time about the SH21

Post by tikkathree »

No, but I did get "Elite Chronometer Proletarian Price"....

I think I have two SH21s so wouldn't mind answering some questions about my heaviest C60 watches....
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