A Flurry of New Members?

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Re: A Flurry of New Members?

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I had never heard of CW until a youtube review of the Bel Canto showed up in my news feed. That led me to the website, where the Aquitaine line grabbed my attention. A just-arrived Aquitaine Bronze COSC now sits on my wrist. So that's one more sale that can be directly attributed to the Bel Canto.
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Re: A Flurry of New Members?

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I thought I would share my experience as it is relevant to the thread. I am not sure how CW would have found me as a customer to be honest. I am not on Facebook or Instagram. I stumbled on a C65 Trident GMT on eBay while looking at watches (Aug 2019). If I wouldn't have found that watch I would not have gone down the rabbit hole. I was lucky (or unlucky depending how you look at it - 6 CWs later :lol: ). I do suppose I would have come across them on YouTube at some point. Anyway, just an interesting data point.
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