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Re: 25.1.24 teaser

Post by jkbarnes »

My initial reaction to the announcement was a yawn emoji. That was primarily a response to the hype, such as it was, rather than to the watch itself. A 36mm GMT didn’t seem like a model worthy of the teasers.

As for the watch itself, I quite like it. Given a choice, I’d have gotten the 36mm GMT in white rather than the 3 hander. Oh well, what’s done is done at this point.
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Re: 25.1.24 teaser

Post by Dickchins »

^^^ same here.
I like the watch. I personally have no use nor desire for a gmt, but I appreciate people like and need them. Its a good looker.
My problem was a "big reveal" for it to just be a different case size. Id be of the same mindset if they brought out a 44mm case of a 40mm varient. Its not breaking news. Its barely news!
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Re: 25.1.24 teaser

Post by WileyECoyote »

For those that seem disgruntled with the 36 releases, maybe it’s more akin to disappointment. For myself, there have been colors that I like being offered in the 36 size that are not being offered in the larger 40 or 42 sizes. Fashions come & go as the pendulum of a clock. Another way to look at it, those of us that prefer larger watches, now know what people with slimmer wrists or a preference for smaller watches have been feeling for years!

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Re: 25.1.24 teaser

Post by johncolescarr »

missF wrote: Sun Jan 28, 2024 6:55 am
johncolescarr wrote: Sun Jan 28, 2024 12:42 am I’m afraid I’m on the band wagon of CWF opinion here, but really why change something that is utterly perfect already?!
Because it's not perfect for many people who have a skinny wrist?? If the 36mm size is too small for you - then it's not meant for you??

Sorry @johncolescarr - I'm absolutely not singling you out for my thoughts here. This is a general response to some general posts that seem almost disgruntled by this release. As if CW have made a mistake somehow? They're not changing something - simply offering it in another size? While still offering it in the original size? So that more people will be able to wear and enjoy this watch?

A giant truckfull of incredible watches have come and gone under my nose that are too big for me. I'll never get a chance to wear them.
You make a great point Miss F and I’d like to help promote it.

My wrist is on the smaller side of average but I choose smaller watches out of preference, my 3 main watches are the 35mm PRX, the CWC G10 and the C63 36mm.

I am lucky that I could pull off a larger watches if I chose, thus I have the luxury of opting for this, but for me it’s a choice. For others, it may not be a choice. This goes both ways of course, I’ve heard the same complaints from larger wrist folk that watches pass them by because they’re too bloody small, but on balance my gut tells me that’s it’s more an issue for smaller wristed folk.

What I totally support this the choice that CW offer, I mean the C60 comes in 3 sizes! You could say that CW are a leading inclusive brand I suppose.

This is contrary to my post (tiredly typed out with insomnia brain) so I welcome your challenge.

I also would welcome some other CWs to be offered in some smaller sizes! Particularly the Anthropocene, I mean they have the C60 cases in 38 and 40mm.
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