1 watch vs a collection

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1 watch vs a collection

Post by abeardsley2020 »

I’ve always tried to almost have a one watch collection but now I’m seeing the value of having more. What is the best number for a watch collection where they all get regular wear? New territory for me!
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Re: 1 watch vs a collection

Post by rkovars »

This is a very subjective question and very much up to the user. Some would say 7. You can rotate 1 a day. Some would say 30. You can wear each one every month. It really depends.
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Re: 1 watch vs a collection

Post by Amor Vincit Omnia »

Well, I have enough for an octopus in my modern box, and the same in my vintage box. In both cases, when I take them out, I found myself paraphrasing Bilbo Baggins:
I don't wear half of you half as much as I should like; and I wear less than half of you half as much as you deserve.
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Re: 1 watch vs a collection

Post by Viognier »

IMO 3-4....trying to get my collection widdled down to that! Select few that I adore and styles that cover every occasion.

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Re: 1 watch vs a collection

Post by thomcat00 »

I enjoy variety and have some means to own multiple watches. I probably have too many, yet I want a few more. You’ll have to assess what is a “good number” on your own interests and desires. I believe it is easier to have too many than to land on just the right number. That’s part of what drives the secondary market for watches. About one third of my watches I got as preowned; my first CW was a used watch - and I don’t plan to move it on.
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Re: 1 watch vs a collection

Post by Soporsche »

The process usually goes like this.. you have a watch, buy another you like, then another comes along and repeat until you realise you have too many and some aren't getting the wear. At this point you either sell them or leave them in the newly acquired multi watch box and say to yourself, I won't buy any more. Then of course you see something compelling you have to have and think, if I sell one (or more) I could buy that, so you buy it but then don't get round to selling the others and repeat.. until you realise you have a need for a bigger watch box..
Or maybe thats just me!
The serious point in the above ramble is, it all depends on what feels right to you, take it 1 at a time and see how you get on.
I know people with a collection of 2-3 and very happy, I also know a guy with c.150 😲!
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Re: 1 watch vs a collection

Post by Bahnstormer_vRS »

^^^^ I've not got quite that many Stephen. :wink: :wink:


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Re: 1 watch vs a collection

Post by Dynamite_Kid19 »

I've got around 15 but I've been wearing the Pelagos 39 almost exclusively since it arrived so I may be switching from team many to team 1.

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Re: 1 watch vs a collection

Post by Jkpa »

14 now. Could never go down to just one. But having around 20 at one point was way too many. Now, I plan to add a piece or two and be done for a good while.

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Re: 1 watch vs a collection

Post by ctafield »

I don't think I could ever go down to just 1.. but there are certainly long periods (a week is a long period, right?) where I wear the same watch each day. This could be for any number of reasons; it might be a new one for the collection, or maybe one I've become reacquainted with. I'm also not a constant strap-changer-holic, so once I find a strap that I like on a watch, then it tends to stay on it. This leads to me wearing bracelet watches at some points of the year, and leather/rubber at others.

I think I've just gone around the houses to say I'm a collection kinda guy! :D The number is about the same as the length of a piece of string though.... Which, for me, is currently about 7. They look lonely in the box for 10 watches, so maybe I need to fill it out just to be sure.
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Re: 1 watch vs a collection

Post by stefs »

I would like to be that 1 watch guy but have never made it. My recent aerospace could well have been that one watch if it wasn't for all the others I already have and now not really wear!
I think 3 or maybe 4 is a good number, though would recommend just one good allrounder that can do all you need (Sealandery kind of thing) and then never poke your head down the rabbit hole from which you may not return!
Cheers now, Paul
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Re: 1 watch vs a collection

Post by KMW »

I think there's a difference between being a collector, and having a collection..............

I was very much a collector - I bought based on having gaps in my collection rather than watches I really wanted to wear. I've gone the other way now, I've sold about 15 CW's but bought 3 non-CW watches to replace them, and intend to maybe sell a few more CW's in the near future and buy one more new (to me) watch. That would get me down to around 10 watches, a number I'm more happy with than the 30 odd I had 6 months ago!
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Re: 1 watch vs a collection

Post by Richard D »

I guess I’m a collector, an amateur at that. I have several collections grouped under brands and places of origin. Alongside my watches I have memorabilia that add to the enjoyment, including letters, books and objects.

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Re: 1 watch vs a collection

Post by dsb18 »

I have about 20 all together but around 6 that I rotate, but recentley found myself just wearing the white sealander most days, so my thoughts are I could go down to one watch and still be content (I think).
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Re: 1 watch vs a collection

Post by jcnassoc »

This is subjective. Obviously! And there are so many different perspectives:
  • Have one or just a (small number) few but higher-end watches.
  • Have many, but more lower-end (or be filthy rich so you can afford many higher-end).
  • How does one feel about the watch complimenting / going with the outfit (not just dressy v. casual v. sport, but color, strap material and look)?
I have/had a larger collection but almost all are low-end watches. Even though they are low-end there are lots of different looks, dial colors, etc., and I really enjoy having so many options and picking the "right one" that really goes with the shirt, sweater, suit, etc. I'm wearing--to me it makes the watch and outfit look spectacular and I'm constantly looking at my wrist just to admire how well the watch goes with what I'm wearing. Semi-crazy example was a few days ago during Chinese New Year--I wore my Seagull 1963 manual watch--one of the cheapest I have but it was just too-cool to have that one while celebrating CNY!

Lately though, I've been selling ones that don't get wrist time, and buying the next level up (e.g., my first CW). So maybe I'll end up with fewer watches? Not sure, as looking at my watch collection last night I still have quite a few and I really like them all (even if they don't get as much wrist time as they all deserve). It's a sickness, for sure!

I do enjoy that I no longer need to wear suits for work--and work remotely most of the time. That said, pretty much dress watches never come out to play any longer except for weddings and similar events. :(

Interesting and horrible question! lol