Fun Facts

During the early years of Christopher Ward London (CWL) the only model designations were C for mens models and W for the Ladies models. This led to great speculation that the C and W stood for Chris and Wera (Chris' wife).
The fact is the C really stood for Case, as in case number or design. When the Tonneau Suisse was introduced it was designated as a womans watch W1.

Christopher Wards inspiration for watchmaking came from Thomas Russell of Liverpool. Chris' first restoration of a Thomas Russell pocket watch took 4 watches from Ebay and was carried out between 2001 and 2005.

The CWL website first went online in May 2005.

The Christopher Ward Forum went online on December 11, of 2005 without Christopher Wards knowledge and remains an independent forum Today. It was implemented by Hans van Hoogstraten of Holland.

Christopher Ward has in his personal collection all serial number 1's or 101 (C60 Orange) and original prototypes except four. The C6 CWL Forum Limited Edition, The C20 Forum Limited Edition and the original preproduction prototypes of the C4 Terminator and a C3GKK with a unique dial that never was produced.

All watches that state "Swiss Made" on the dial were produced on or after August 1, 2008. Watches built prior to that date stated only "Swiss Movement".

Code name Wizzie the Wiz (wizziethewiz on the CWL forum) is the internal CWL moniker used by Wera Mettes. Given to her because of the continuous miracles performed by her for CWL customers. She is the absolute best, at customer service. Wera Mettes is also Mrs. Christopher Ward.

Production is not always done in consecutive serial number order. In the case of the Grand Prix series matters became quite jumbled. All are LE models that were Limited to 500 pieces each totalling 3000 in all. Even though limited to 500 pieces each, the first 6 versions had serials scattered between 1 and 3000 due to factory production errors. The subsequent production of the DBR1 and the Monte Carlo version was numbered from 1 - 500.

In February 2010 Christopher Ward became official watchmaker to the RAF.

The first CWL Magalogue was released on September 8, 2010 and was a complete success.

In January of 2011 the CWL Forum held its first annual Watch of the Year (WOTY) vote. The C90 Beckett's was the first winner. This was followed by a retrospective WOTY vote for prior years. The winning watches were:

2005 - C5 Malvern 2006 - C4 Peregrine 2007 - C6 Kingfisher 2008 - C8 Pilot 2009 - C40 Speedhawk 2010 - C90 Beckett's