Available Serial numbers for 2011 FLE - SOLD OUT

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Available Serial numbers for 2011 FLE - SOLD OUT

Post by Kip »

Listed below are the currently available serial numbers remaining for the 2011 FLE.

The total numbers available do not match the total reservations because several have not requested a specific number.

Those that have reserved with no request will be assigned numbers when necessary.

I strongly recommend when emailing your reservation that you include a second choice of number just in case.

We will make every effort to keep the list as current as possible but cannot guarantee that because a number is still showing here, that it remains available due to differences in schedules and timezones.

[edit] December 31, 2012

Due to some cancellations the following serial numbers have become available. Please place your order per the instructions here.

For further info please contact Wizziethewiz@christopherward.co.uk

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