Christopher Ward Trident C60 vs Longines Hydroconquest

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Christopher Ward Trident C60 vs Longines Hydroconquest

Postby johncolescarr » Wed Dec 06, 2017 10:19 pm

I have recently been the owner of both the CW Trident C60 43mm (new logo) and Longines Hydroconquest 41mm and wanted to share my views in case others find themselves looking at these models. Both are similarly priced and there is always a lot of comparison made on other forums.

I think the CW Trident is bloody brilliant, the best watch I've ever handled, but, spoiler alert, I flipped it for the Longines.

In terms of build quality, detailing and finishing, the CW wins hands down, it is easily in the class above the Longines.

But my main issue with the watch is size and some of the design features. I just couldnt cope with the heft of the 43mm case and heavy bracelet, even after a week I could feel it weighing my wrist down. It also looked far too big on my 7.5" wrists, although the lugs are beautifully shaped, its still way too big. I also found that this huge case is accentuated by the high taper on the bracelet from 22mm lug to clasp. I also didnt like the new logo, I think the old branding is much more in keeping with the watch.

But the positives of the watch are the flawless finish, the amazing bracelet and clasp, the dial finishing with applied, chromed markers and the superior lume (but still not as good as seiko and orient). The bezel is beautiful and the specs are all round just better than the Longines. I also liked the dressiness of the watch, not sure on the 3 entirely different hand design but it grew on me as it separates this watch from your typical homage piece. One cannot accuse the CW trident of being a copy of either the submariner or seamaster (although many try to claim this, I mean its like claiming that Ford copy Mercedes by having 4 wheels)

Now on to the Longines Hydroconquest. now I have to admit that I prefer the looks of the HC and this is 90% why I chose this over the CW. I think the balance between sport and dress is better, with the polished centrelinks making it just dressy enough to wear with shirt and trousers. Also I think the dial design is more coherent, and the oversized 6,9 and 12 balances perfectly with the date at 3 o clock. At 41mm its perfectly sized, not too big, not too small and its also not too heavy. I will also admit I do like having a piece of horological heritage on my wrist, call me vein but I do like the fact its a Longines.

Now to the negatives, TBH, if it weren't for the ETA 2824/2 movement, sapphire crystal and solid end links, this watch would be no better than my orient ray, a watch worth about £100 new and maybe £50 second hand!
The bezel is aluminium and the markings are simply printed, not engraved, there isn't even any finishing around the date window and the watch clasp is frankly terrible, the deployment mechanism is horrid. The lume is by far the weakest I've ever experiences, they may as well not bothered.
The bracelet links lack the feeling of solidity of the CW. The only superior feature is the end links, they really are well fitted.
The crown is not as tactile as the CW and also the large crown guards make setting the time fiddly, especially screwing the crown back in.

As for price, the CW is £725, but I picked it up at 3 months old for £440! The Longines HC is £860, but I picked up a 24 month old version for £575 (both in perfect condition) So the CW can be bought for less but I would say doesnt hold its value as well.

In conclusion, based purely on quality and build, the CW is the best watch, but as all watch lovers know, you have to love a watch and I just didnt love the CW, as much as I tried to. I really hope that CW produce some smaller divers (im talking 40mm, not 38mm!). I'd have a CW Trident C65 tomorrow if it weren't for the huge 43mm case!
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Re: Christopher Ward Trident C60 vs Longines Hydroconquest

Postby copemanphoto » Thu Dec 07, 2017 1:10 am

Great review of 2 very nice watches.
Cheers, Mike.
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Re: Christopher Ward Trident C60 vs Longines Hydroconquest

Postby Devarika Woulf » Thu Dec 07, 2017 2:29 am

Good review. I remember a person telling me that the Trident had better tooling and finishing than the Oris Aquis but he preferred the Aquis for it's originality and bracelet; similar to your feelings.

This review made me happy because I can wear both the 38mm and 43mm versions, and I like the new logo. So many people turned off because of little things, where for me it's usually just the design itself that is the deal breaker. I do hope they come out with a 40mm version in the future; though.
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Re: Christopher Ward Trident C60 vs Longines Hydroconquest

Postby porkupine1 » Thu Dec 07, 2017 7:53 am

Interesting write up, thank you.
I also have an issue with the 43mm size which I just find too big (although not having overly small wrists!).
I am considering going for the 38mm version (and just hoping it does not look too small when it arrives!)
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Re: Christopher Ward Trident C60 vs Longines Hydroconquest

Postby MadG » Thu Dec 07, 2017 11:24 am

Great review .. Thanks
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Re: Christopher Ward Trident C60 vs Longines Hydroconquest

Postby CBMVic20 » Fri Dec 08, 2017 1:20 pm

Thanks for the review. I was choosing between the two a while back but decided on a Trident 600 instead for the reasons mentioned (quality and finish). I also didn't like the aluminium bezel on the Longines and think the Trident looks better, more unique. For me, the only thing the HC had over the Trident is size but I can live with 43mm.

How about some pics of your Trident and HC side-by-side? :thumbup:
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Re: Christopher Ward Trident C60 vs Longines Hydroconquest

Postby Thegreyman » Fri Dec 08, 2017 1:39 pm

I too enjoyed your review.

I am a fan of Longines myself just don't like the look of the HC, it to me looks a cheaper made watch than the Trident. I have 3 Tridents, all 42/43mm and I think they are fine for my smallish wrist, although I haven't handled a 38mm.

If you consider many people haven't paid full retail for their Tridents, then I don't think they lose too much value, still reasonably strong residuals on ebay which is the main marketplace.

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